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First, general likes and dislikes.

Likes: Plotty. Crossovers. AU, especially involving the character making a different choice at a critical juncture. Romance through plot. I love romance where affection is shown through more subtle gestures instead of characters lusting after each other or grand romantic gestures. Or where the romance is just a part of the background, so the fic is essentially gen, but has background pairings that are integrated into the whole story, but not the focus. Day in the life fics. I generally prefer established relationships over new romance.

Dislikes: Gratuitous violence. Rape. Incest. Porn. Hurt/Comfort (mostly because this generally involves gratuitous violence and/or lack of a plot. Done in moderation I don’t mind). High school/college AUs. Characters that are completely defined by past trauma.

And now some fandom specific details.

Murdoch Mysteries

Julia Ogden/OFC or Julia Ogden/Katie Powers - The thing I love about Julia is that she is progressive, even for modern times. I really dislike her storyline with Darcy, so if you could just ignore the fact that that ever happened I would prefer it. A story about her and Katie (from the episode Victor Victorian), maybe with them having an adventure dressed like men as happens in that episode, either with or without the rest of the team. Alternatively pair her with a historical figure from that era (Emma Goldman appears in one episode, or find another progressive/intellectual figure from that time). Or create your own character. I would also love case-fic that plays with the cheesy humor of the show.

Ruby Ogden/Nellie Bly - Two progressive, independent female reporters. What could possibly go wrong? I would love an adventure story with these two. Or maybe what happens when Ruby shows up to visit Julia next time and brings Nellie Bly along. This is also a pairing where I would enjoy seeing a new romance as well as an established relationship. Again, bonus if you can incorporate the cheesy humor of the show.

The Deed of Paksenarrion

I have been trying to get a story in this fandom every single year that I have participated in Yuletide. If you write this fandom I will jump up and down and squee.

Marshal-General Arianya/OFC - I would love a behind the scenes look with the events of one of the books from the view of Arianya and/or her partner/spouse/girlfriend. I would also enjoy something from the OFC perspective - what is it like to be with the head of a massive religious order? Just a day in the life fic would be wonderful.

Dorrin Verrakai/Kolya Ministiera or Dorrin Verrakai/Maia - Much as for the previous pairing I would love to see a day in the life for either of these pairings or the events of the books from the perspective of the pairing. Alternatively, a fic set before the books while they are on campaign in Aerenis or training recruits in the winter would be wonderful.

Cold Squad

I don't have anything in particular I want to see for any of these pairings, just that when I watched the show I kept wanting fic and then couldn't find any. I have only seen the first season that is available on hulu so am not familiar with anything that happens in later seasons.

Stargate: Atlantis

Elizabeth Weir/OFC - For Elizabeth I never particularly liked the replicator storyline, so if you would like to ignore that it would be fine with me. However, if that's what you were hoping to write, then go for it.

Sam Carter/Jennifer Keller - I would love an established couple dealing with the repeal of DADT here. Or a day in the life type fic. Or an episode re-write from their perspective. I would be OK with light H/C for this couple as well. I would be a bit less enthusiastic about a new relationship fic and my one pet peeve here would be incorrect medical terminology/situations.

Disney Princesses

As you can see, I really just want a fic with Belle. I'm not all that familiar with the Disney princesses after Mulan (though I just got Brave from the library before typing this. Watched it, it was fun. I would be quite happy wiht Merida/OFC as well.), but feel free to pair Belle with anyone you feel like, not just the ones I've chosen. How do these two princesses meet? Or are they already ruling a kingdom together? Or have they run off to have an adventure? What if their stories were re-imagined so that the princess won the princess? Whatever you can imagine is fine with me.


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