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Dear Author,
Thank you so much for writing for me this year. I will be thrilled to get fic about any of these women. The details I have included are of course optional. If you are wanting further optional details, several of these requests are ones I have made before in some way, shape or form.

Likes: Plotty. Gen, femslash and het. Crossovers. AU, especially involving the character making a different choice at a critical juncture. Romance where affection is shown through more subtle gestures, or where the romance is just a part of the background, so the fic is essentially gen.

Dislikes: Porn. Gratuitous violence. Rape. Incest. High school/college AU.

Deed of Paksenarrion - Kolya, Dorrin, Arianya
One of the best parts of this universe is the number of strong female characters. I would love backstory or day in the life fic for any of these women. How did Arianya come to be Marshal-General? We have a good bit of early backstory for Dorrin, but not much for her time with the Duke's company. What were the campaigns like in Aerenis? What was it like when Kolya first joined the company or started her farm? I would also be interested in a greater exploration of the kuakgan religion.

The Bletchley Circle - Jean
Writing this, I have not yet seen series 2 for this show, though I will hopefully have watched it by the time stories are posted. What I like about Jean is that she appears plain and unassuming, but she managed a group of genius cryptographers during the war. The trailer for series 2 has her saying, "I wasn't always a librarian you know." What kind of awesomeness is behind that statement? Really, I just want Jean being awesome.

Points Series - Chief Point Trijn, Metropolitan of Astreiant, Asheri
Chief Point Trijn, Metropolitan of Astreiant - I would love backstory on either/both of these two. How do they know each other? Why did Trijn go into the points? Or futurefic. What happens when the metropolitan becomes queen? What are her thoughts on it? How does that affect her relationship (whatever that relationship is) with Trijn? Or a day in the life, either before, during or after the book.
Asheri - I would love to know what happens to Asheri. How does she deal with having been kidnapped? Does she get into the embroiderer's guild? What is her first day like? What is it like for her back among the other runners? What is a day in the life of a runner like?

The Americans (TV) - Paige Jennings
I would love a story about Paige finding out that her parents are Russian spies. What happens if her parents are recalled to Russia at the end of the cold war? Does she hear one of her parents speaking in Russian in their sleep? What if her parents get divorced and she only finds out about one of them and the other remains a mystery? Really anything that involves Paige somehow getting caught up in her parent's secret lives would make me happy.

Steerswomen Series - Rowan
I love the entire universe of these books. The use of Clark's 3rd Law, the demons, the entire concept of the steerswomen. Anything that explores any aspect of this universe would make me happy, be it futurefic, Rowan's relationships: with Bel, with Fletcher, with the folks in Alemeth, with a random farmer on the road, or a random discovery Rowan has made. I love that Rowan is incredibly competent and scientific, but not so great at understanding people (but not hopeless), so something exploring that might be fun as well.

Date: 2014-02-17 07:57 pm (UTC)
jae: (theamericansgecko)
From: [personal profile] jae
Pardon the non-Rarewomen-related intrusion! I just wanted to let you know that if you ever feel like talking about The Americans with a great group of fans, feel free to come join us over at [community profile] theamericans. It's going to be hopping once the new season starts February 26th (though we promise to put any S2 spoilers under a cut).

If you're not interested, feel free to disregard this, of course, but I did want to be sure to invite you (though I might have once before--if I did, I apologize! just trying to be thorough.). :)



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