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Dear Author,
Woohoo! It’s Yuletide again! Thank you so much for writing me a story! Hopefully this letter will be useful to you and prevent the appearance of particularly large bears. And so, right to the point.

Likes: Plotty. Gen, femslash and het. Crossovers. AU, especially involving the character making a different choice at a critical juncture (I am not a fan of high school/college/coffee shop AUs though). Day in the life. Romance through plot. I love romance where affection is shown through more subtle gestures, instead of characters lusting after each other. Or where the romance is just a part of the background, so the fic is essentially gen, but has background pairings that are integrated into the whole story, but not the focus.

Dislikes: Porn. Gratuitous violence. Rape. Incest. Hurt/Comfort (mostly because this generally involves gratuitous violence and/or lack of a plot. Done in moderation I don’t mind). I don't tend to like really dark stuff, unless there is some component of hope or light.

And some specifics, in alphabetical order:

Bletchley Circle - Jean McBrien
There are so many things I love about this show, but mostly that it is women being awesome. I like Jean especially, as she is the type of person who often is seen as boring and uptight, but then she shows so many layers underneath. I would love a story about all of those layers underneath, her hobbies or passions. Or a case fic. Maybe just a moment in one of the cases from the show. I would also love femslash with an OC or crossover character (I can't really see her pairing with any of the characters from the show). She is such a quiet person I could see her having a long term partner and no one knowing.

Deed of Paksenarrion – Elizabeth Moon
I requested Farrin Cook, but only because requests are AND matching and I wanted to increase my chances. I would equally love a story about Kolya, or Arianya, or Dorrin, so if you prefer one of them, go for it. If you want to write het or femslash all I ask is that you not anyone with one of the major series characters (e.g. Arcolin, Stammel, Kieri) outside of what's canon, the exception being Kolya/Dorrin.

Farrin Cook - I would love a story that takes off from the end of Deeds of Honor and shows Farrin and Dorrin getting to know each other, or a slice of the household slowly recovering from the trauma and all the bumps that entails. A quiet late night moment in the kitchen, or a run-in with one of the squires (does Farrin take a young squire under her wing and feed them, or does she knock them down to size when they are too full of themselves?). I am not as interested in the time before Dorrin takes over, but if you feel compelled, please make sure there is some light/happiness that shines through.

Dorrin, Kolya - I would especially like backstory on the two of them (on a campaign in Aerenis?), or something happening during the books. I originally wanted a story with these characters before the latest four books came out, so feel free to use those or not as much as you want. I would also enjoy a story of Kolya and the kuakgan, something that explores that culture and religion.

Marshal-General Arianya - I would love behind the scenes fic or the events of the book seen through Arianya's (or maybe her partner/spouse's) eyes. Maybe some backstory with her and Kieri. Or just a day-in-the-life fic.

Morjiana, Gypsy Queen
This is a song by Australian singer-songwriter couple Mundy-Turner (there are several versions available online of you google it). It tells the tale of a family of gypsies and fortune tellers who live in Blackpool. Tell me the story of any of the characters. Or one of Blind Nellie Wood's stories. I would love some world building. I would really love a story about Blind Nellie Wood being a witch. But really just use your imagination.


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