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Dear Author,
Thank you so much for writing me a story! Hopefully this letter will be useful to you and prevent the appearance of particularly large bears. And so, right to the point.

Likes: Plotty. Gen, femslash and het. Crossovers. AU, especially involving the character making a different choice at a critical juncture (I am not a fan of high school/college/coffee shop AUs though). Day in the life. Romance through plot. I love romance where affection is shown through more subtle gestures, instead of characters lusting after each other. Or where the romance is just a part of the background, so the fic is essentially gen, but has background pairings that are integrated into the whole story, but not the focus.

Dislikes: Porn. Gratuitous violence. Rape. Incest. Hurt/Comfort (mostly because this generally involves gratuitous violence and/or lack of a plot. Done in moderation I don’t mind). I don't tend to like really dark stuff, unless there is some component of hope or light.

And some specifics, in alphabetical order:

Akata Witch - Sunny
One of the clear divides in this book was the divide between the people who know things and the people who don't. Sunny was always on the side of not knowing things during the book, but at some point in her life that will flip. I would love the story of Sunny when she is older. Maybe the epiphany point where she realizes how comfortable and knowledgeable she has become in her new world. Or when she is mentoring a new student. Or just a glimpse into her future. What is she doing in 20yrs?

Bletchley Circle - Jean McBrien
There are so many things I love about this show, but mostly that it is women being awesome. I like Jean especially, as she is the type of person who often is seen as boring and uptight, but then you get hints of layers underneath. I would love a story about her background. What did she mean when she said she hadn't always been a librarian? Did she go undercover during the first war? Or a case fic. Maybe just a moment in one of the cases from the show. I would also love femslash with an OC or crossover character (I can't really see her pairing with any of the characters from the show). I could see her having a long term partner and no one knowing.

Deed of Paksenarrion – Elizabeth Moon
I requested Marshal-General Arianya, but only because requests are AND matching and I wanted to increase my chances. I would equally love a story about Kolya or Dorrin, so if you prefer one of them, go for it. If you want to write het or femslash all I ask is that you not pair anyone with one of the major series characters (e.g. Arcolin, Stammel, Kieri) outside of what's canon, the exception being Kolya/Dorrin or Dorrin/Farrin.

Marshal-General Arianya - She is a powerful woman who is strong, but willing to admit she makes mistakes. I would love behind the scenes fic or the events of the book seen through Arianya's eyes. I also like stories that are about one character, but as that character is seen through the eyes of someone close to them (her partner/spouse? Does she have a close friend or servant?). Maybe some backstory with her and Kieri. Or just a day-in-the-life fic.

Dorrin, Kolya - I would especially like backstory on the two of them (on a campaign in Aerenis?), or something happening during the books. I originally wanted a story with these characters before the latest four books came out, so feel free to use those or not as much as you want. I would also enjoy a story of Kolya and the kuakgan, something that explores that culture and religion.

Mary did you know?
When I first heard this song, perhaps because it wasn't around Christmas, I did not realize it was a Christmas carol. I listened and thought, "Well, that's an interested story." I would love some bit of the story told in the song taken out of the context of Christianity. Take the lyrics at face value with no historical background, as a sff world. What happened when Mary's child was born? What were the circumstances of all the events described in the song? Did Mary know?


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